We live in a world in which our future is determined by the "global warming" phenomenon. What if that heating up catches up with us and goes faster than expected?
Born and raised in Zeeland, this designer has the feeling that she must protect her history. What if this great phenomenon takes away everything she knows? She finds out that her great-great-grandfather was one of the first to notice that the dykes broke during the big flood in 1953. He evacuated his whole village by waking everyone up and knocking on everyone’s door. A connection has been created between an global problem and her family.
Through an activist campaign, she wants to make people aware of the threat of rising sea levels. Instead of going door to door just like her great-great-grandfather did during the disaster, she tries to wake people up by letting them call the number, like a wake-up-call.
By wild posting the number, she creates and interaction with the society of tomorrow, the people who will live with the consequences.
When people call the number they do not only hear the generations of the family that are still alive after the flood, but also a warning. Her grandmother, mother and herself all have a fear about our future and your future, if there’s still any future left..
This project is a warning. The evidence is already there, the investigations have been done. What are we waiting for? Until the tide really turns?
This project warns you on behalf of the family.

(Check out 'Natte voeten' during the dutch design week at sectie-C)
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