I have always been interested in the story behind an object, Where has it been made and how? Questions I ask myself as a person but also as a designer. What story can I tell and how can I tell it?
When I got the chance to fully immerse myself in printing techniques in Portugal I immediately took the step to find out everything about it. One of the objects I stumbled upon in Portugal was the simple material 'Paper'. An object everyone uses everyday without even knowing maybe where it came from or what the story behind it is.
After a little research, every type of paper that I found was a new story or a new piece of history. I wanted to keep these stories save and collect them.
In this colors swatch you will only see the paper instead of the color. By putting the stories together with the paper and illustrations inspired by stories, I want to give the material a new meaning and a new place in our history. It's a thank you to all the little pieces of papers I use everyday.
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